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Walter Lea, IgA Nephropathy From America

Name: Walter Lean Diagnosis: IgA Nephropathy Country: America Why Come to China: It is an accidental chance that Walter Lea was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. He was hospitalized for his anemia and his Dr told him there was damage on his ki...

How to Treat Swollen Face And Proteinuria in IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a kind of autoimmune disorder that can be commonly seen in children and adolescents. In this text, we will introduce how to treat swollen face and proteinuria. Medically speaking, IgA nephropathy is a problem of glomerula...

Is Pizza OK for IgA Nephropathy

Do you love Pizza? Yes, certainly! Do you love IgA Nephropathy? What? Are you kidding? Im suffering from that. If you are also a IgA Nephropathy patient, you should pay more attention to Pizza, because it will kill you. I do not scare you!...

Prednisone Treatment for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Characterized by recurrent hematuria and different degrees of proteinuria, IgA Nephropathy patients have to accept some corticosteroid therapy. Prednisone treatment is just one choice. However, because of its side effects or other reasons,...

IgA Nephropathy with 61% Renal Failure: Can I Live Normal Life

Hi doctor. I am of age 30, and last week my biopsy results showed IgA Nephropathy with 61% renal failure. Now, I have started steroids. Can I live normal life? What is my life expectancy?...

Creatinine 5.6 and GFR 11: What Should IgA Nephropathy Patients Do

I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy 20 years back. Now, my creatinine level is 5.6 and GFR 11. I want to know how to reverse my creatinine and GFR levels....

IgA Nephropathy with Creatinine 12 on Dialysis

I'm 28 years old and suffering from IgA Nephropathy (Kidney Failure) with creatinine 12. I started Dialysis 4 months ago. Want to know if there is any cure to this issue? ...

Does Osmotherapy Cure IgA Nephropathy

Live with IgA Nephropathy for 5 years. And I am 28 years old. I am sick with foamy urine and high blood pressure. Does osmotherapy cure my disease?...