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Diabetes and Kidney Disease: How to Relieve Nausea&Vomiting

Natural remedies are available to help eliminate nausea and vomiting as well as promote kidney function in Diabetes and kidney disease....

Symptoms of Diabetic Kidney Disease

As a kind of serious disease, Diabetic Kidney Disease has significant impact upon patients' health. Therefore, knowing more about this disorder will be beneficial to all the patients. ...

Bubbles or Foams in Urine with Diabetes

For people with Diabetes, have you ever noticed after urinating every time that there are bubbly urine? Here is the reason why: protein in urine....

Diabetic Nephropathy with Calcium Disorder and Potassium Disorder

Q: My father is a patient with Diabetes which causes my Kidney Disease. I attach the medicline list that he is taking now for you. Please give me a reply and an analysis. A: I have check the list of medicine he takes every day now, it is a...

Dialysis﹠Herbal Remedy for Diabetes History for 18 Years,Creatinine Level 8.9

Q: I have lived with diabetes for about 18 years. And now my creatinine level is 8.9. And once it increased over than 9.0. Is it a time for me to start dialysis? Is there any Herbal Remedy for me? A: You have been with the diabetes for abou...

Diabetic Nephropathy with Albumin ++++, High Creatinine Level, Itching Skin

Q: My father has been with Diabetes for 15 years. Now his albumin in urine ++++, High Creatinine Level, Itching Skin. Please give me a reply. I am worry about his condition. (Attach his report already) A: Thank you for your inquiry. Diabete...

Diabetes Mellitus, Kidney Disease, Anemia

We receive a medical report from a patients form England who suffered from Diabetes Mellitus, Kidney Disease and Anemia. Here is the analysis of her conditions for your information....

Management of Swollen Feet Caused by Diabetic Nephropathy

Swelling is a common symptoms of kidney problems, especially for diabetic nephropathy. If you have diabetes and happen to suffer from swollen feet, you are suggested to test for your kidneys as soon as possible. What does diabetic nephropat...