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Recommendations for Renal Disease Stage IV

Recommendations for Renal Disease Stage IVRenal Disease Stage IV, also known as CKD Stage 4 is a so serious illness conditions that patients are told to make preparation for dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future. Hearing the news, most patients are worried a lot. In order to help stage 4 kidney disease patients live a full life, there are necessary recommendations for renal disease stage IV patients.

In stage 4 renal disease, more than 70% of kidney function has lost. If uncontrolled effectively, their condition will continue to worsen. When their renal function drops to 15% or less, they have to begin dialysis or transplant a new kidney. Therefore, it is important to reverse the kidney damage and improve kidney function.

Diet management

In order to protect residual renal function and reduce impaired kidneys’ burden, it is important to develop the kidney-friendly diet plan. For example, an intake of protein 0.6g per kilogram per day is beneficial when your GFR (renal function) falls below 25, or approximately 25 remaining renal functions. You will need to consult your doctor how much protein you should eat per day. In addition, too much sodium can cause more fluid to retain. This can make swelling or short of breath for patients. Stage 4 renal disease patients should avoid the intake of processed or refined foods.

Control high blood pressure and diabetes

High Blood Pressure and diabetes are two leaking factors that can cause further kidney damage. If left uncontrolled, each of them can make stage 4 renal failure develop stage 5. A healthy diet and correct treatment is the best treatment to keep patients’ condition from worsening.

 Improve kidney function

Herbal medicines, compared with western medicines, have an obvious superiority in treating chronically progressive disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovated external application which helps permeate the herbal ingredients into the kidney lesions directly via skin. Then, active ingredients of the medicine can help dilate blood vessels, fight against inflammation, prevent coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix, and supply necessary nutrition to the body. Under such a condition, impaired kidneys can get enough blood and oxygen for functioning adequately.

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