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Which elements can cause protein urine positive

Which elements can cause protein urine positive

Many people do not understand the normal level of protein urine, and can not under stand the meaning of high protein urine. So, here we provide some information about causes of protein urine.

Protein urine is a necessary element in blood and plays an important role in human activity. Some protein will transported into renal and then reabsorbed by tubules to blood. If renal condition is okay, there is very little protein in urine, in test it shows negative. While renal condition get reduced, or, suffer from diseases, there will be a positive in test. Normal protein level is negative (-) in test report, when protein in urine level increased over 0.15g/24h, it is protein urine, and test will be positive(+).

Pathological elements

Qualitative test for urinary protein positive, should take further examination. Continue positive, especially + may indicates nephritis, Chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, renal tuberculosis, renal tumor, nephrotic syndrome caused by various causes, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetic nephropathy, urinary tract inflammation, rejection after renal transplantation. Protein urine may also caused by other diseases: fever, high blood pressure, cystitis, urethritis, tumors, myeloma, transfusion reactions.

Physiologic factor

It can cause temporal protein urine positive, pregnancy, after strenuous exercise, cold, nervous, postural change, or in teenage;

Other elements

Occasion protein urine positive should keep a regular test to make sure the result. Sometimes, professional doctors in official hospital can help you make a specific diagnose or do further examinations.

In our daily life, we should keep a healthy lifestyle, balance the diet, do regular exercise and if find anything wrong, take actions.

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