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How to Remove Edema? This Four Tips Can Help

How to Remove Edema? This Four Tips Can Help

When we are in summer, during the high temperature and muggy weather, we often sweat a lot. In this condition, we have to ingest plenty water to meet our need. But there are some people can not drink so much as they want, include renal disease patients.

What is edema?

In simple terms, edema is caused by extra fluids in blood and tissues which get out and make tissues look fat. And edema often occur in face, eyelid, anklets and legs.

Renal edema is a common symptoms in early stage, and often occur with protein urine. When protein urine get worse, the swelling in legs and feet will get worse too. The basic precaution is to do regular examinations once a year and to help find it and for hypertension, diabetes and other high risk diseases patients, 2 to 3 times every year, and once find protein in urine, go to hospital and do more professional diagnose.

For chronic kidney disease patients, whose edema is in acute stage, if adapt a correct and timely treatment, edema will disappear easily. And when your edema develop into chronic stage, daily care is much more important and will have a great effect.

Renal edema patients are weak, and they should pay attention to their conditions especially in high temperature or rainy day. We do not suggest anyone to stay at air-conditioned house, and do prevent cold and fever which can weak your immune system and exacerbate renal condition.

Diet should be light and not over eating.

Developing a good diet habit and control your eating in diet, do not choose nutrients blindly, especially the meat ingestion.

For meat, it is better to choose white meat such as fish, chicken, avoid salted vegetables and bacon, they contains too much salt for renal disease patients.

Fresh vegetables and fruits is suggested, such as little tomato, watermelon, if your renal condition is not so good, control the amount of bean products and animal organs.

During such a hot weather, we may refuse to do exercise, but it will help us to improve the blood condition and eliminate extra fluids in body, it also can strengthen our physical condition and when finished, do remember to change your clothes and keep warm.

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