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Is Hot Pepper Good for Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Is Hot Pepper Good for Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseFollow a restricted diet plan that can help manage Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease patients’ symptoms and complications and slow down the progression of kidney disease. Hot peppers can flavor many dishes. Is hot pepper good for Stage 4 CKD patients?

In stage 4 kidney disease, kidneys are unable to work normally. In order to reduce the burden on kidneys, patients are recommended to limit their protein, sodium, potassium and phosphorus consumption. Therefore, patients should pay highly attention to choosing foods to eat.

Hot peppers contain rich vitamin C, E, carotene, folic acid and so on, so they can bring a lot of benefits for kidney patients. However, hot peppers belong to spicy foods, so it may cause some side effects. Even though patients can eat this food, they should limit their consumption amount. Then, correct amount of hot peppers can bring the following benefits.

1. Boost patients’ digestive system

Hot pepper can strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis and stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, so as to improve patients’ appetite. In stage 4 kidney disease, a good appetite can guarantee patients to take in enough nutritions and fight against their disease better.

2. Improve heart function

If uncontrolled effectively, stage 4 chronic kidney disease may progress into end stage easily. Accordingly, heart may also be attacked, so it is very important to improve patients’ heart function and protect patients’ heart. Fortunately, hot pepper just has this benefit.

3. Prompt blood circulation

As explained by modern medicine, hot peppers have the property of improving blood circulation, so as to provide enough blood, nutrition and oxygen for inherent kidney cells.

Since hot peppers have the above benefits, kidney patients can choose to consume a small amount of this food in their daily life. The premise is that they have got professional doctor’s guidance.

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