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How to Repair Stage 3 Kidney Damage

How to Repair Stage 3 Kidney DamageStage 3 kidney disease means kidneys are functioning at 30%~59%. Even though kidneys in stage 3 can maintain patient’s basic life, they will cause some symptoms and problems. To repair stage 3 kidney damage means to improve patients’ kidney condition and overall health condition.

At present, western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are two big systems of medicine. Steroids, ACEI, ARBs, insulin, diuretic, antibiotics, etc, are common western medicines. These medicines are mainly used to control patients’ symptoms and complications quickly such as high blood pressure, infections, swelling, and so on. Besides, western medicines can also slow down the progression of kidney disease, but they can do nothing to repair kidney damage.

Compared with western medicine, Chinese medicines show a superiority on regulating the internal environment and treating chronic disease including Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease from the root. Thereby, Chinese medicines can be used to repair stage 3 kidney damage through two aspects.

1.Oral Chinese medicine: Decoction of Chinese medicines and Chinese patent medicine called Maikang mixture are both oral Chinese medicines. These medicines can help cleanse the internal environment and nourish the blood. Besides, they can also stimulate the self-healing system of damaged kidney cells to prompt the recovery of impaired kidneys. However, only depending on oral medicine may need a relatively long time to work.

2.External application of Chinese medicine: The biggest effect of externally taking medicines is to dredge the channel and increase the blood circulation, in order to speed up the effect of oral Chinese medicine and strengthen its therapeutic effects. Common external application of Chinese medicine therapies include Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Moxibustion, Hot Compress, Cycle Therapy, and so on.

The combination of two types of Chinese medicine therapies can repair stage 3 kidney damage successfully. Check with the doctor online to learn more detailed treatment plan.

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