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What Are Common Symptoms of Stage 3A Kidney Disease

What Are Common Symptoms of Stage 3A Kidney Disease Stage 3a kidney disease indicates kidneys are functioning at 45%~59%. Because about half of kidney function has been lost, some symptoms and complications must present. Then, patients should pay highly attention to these problems.

What are kidneys?

Kidneys are excretory organs that are in charge of filtering blood, eliminating waste products and toxins, regulating blood pressure, adjusting fluid and sodium balance, producing EPO, maintaining acid-base balance, and so on. Our kidneys have strong compensatory ability, so they can work relatively normally if more than 50% of kidney function is still preserved.

The common symptoms of Stage 3A Chronic Kidney Disease

According to the renal jobs, failed kidneys can cause the imbalance of fluid, sodium, electrolyte and acid. Also, they can’t regulate blood pressure and produce EPO properly. Therefore, several symptoms occur.

1. Urination changes

Common urination changes include decline of urine output, blood in urine, protein in urine, frequent urination, and so on. All of these are related to damaged kidney filters and decline of kidney function.

2. Fluid retention

With the decline of kidney function, extra fluid will retain in the body especially the loose tissues, so patients with stage 3a kidney disease may find edema or swelling in their face, legs, hands, ankles, and some other regions.

3. High blood pressure

Hypertension is one sign of chronic kidney failure, because kidneys are unable to filter excessive amount of fluid. In turn, high blood pressure, if left uncontrolled, will accelerate the progression of chronic kidney disease.

4. Fatigue and weakness

Renal anemia and buildup of waste products are usually two reasons of fatigue and weakness for stage 3a kidney disease patients. In this case, patients may need to eat foods rich in iron or even take EPO therapy.

There are many symptoms that may happen along with the onset of Stage 3A CKD. To learn more about them, you can contact us.

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