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The Common CKD Stage 3B Symptoms

The Common CKD Stage 3B SymptomsGenerally, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) classify chronic kidney disease into five stages. In more detail, kidney disease stage 3 can be divided into stage 3A and stage 3B. In Stage 3B CKD, GFR ranges from 30 to 44ml/min, and some symptoms appear commonly.

In this stage, kidney function level is less than 50%, so kidneys are unable to produce urine, filter blood, regulate blood pressure, maintain electrolyte balance, and other functions normally. Then, symptoms and complications occur because of low kidney function level.

* Urination changes

Kidneys are responsible for removing extra fluid and waste products and keeping nutrition in the body. When kidneys lose their ability to do this work, less urine is produced and some nutrients are leaked out. Then, patients with CKD Stage 3B will develop:

- Frequent urination at night

- Decreased urine output

- Foamy urine

- Dark-colored urine or blood urine

- Difficulty urinating

* Fluid retention

With the decline of urine output, extra fluid will retain in the body. This condition is called swelling or edema. In this case, excessive amount of fluid and sodium intake can worsen kidney disease patients’ fluid retention. This symptom usually appears in:

- Legs

- Feet

- Abdomen or stomach

- Ankles

- Hands or fingers

- Face especially around the eyelids

- Shortness of breath

* Fatigue and weakness

As kidneys are unable to eliminate waste products and toxins efficiently and renal anemia occurs due to lack of EPO, fatigue and weakness happens easily to affect patients’ overall health condition.

* Flank pain or kidney pain

This symptom usually occurs only in some specific types of chronic kidney disease. That is to say, not all patients with Stage 3B CKD will have this symptom. If their kidney disease belongs to the following conditions, flank pain occurs easily.

- IgA Nephropathy

- Polycystic Kidney Disease

- Lupus Nephritis



In conclusion, the above symptoms are commonly seen in patients with CKD Stage 3B, but they may also have some other problems. If you have one or more symptoms, tell the doctor online to choose effective treatments to manage them.

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