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How Much Protein to Eat One Daily with Stage 3 CKD

How Much Protein to Eat One Daily with Stage 3 CKDProtein is one essential nutrition for the body, because it can maintain the health of skin, hair, bone, muscle and so on. However, when kidneys are damaged, patients should control their protein intake. Well, how much protein to eat in one day with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease?

Do you know the answer?

In fact, the protein intake should depend on patients' urea level, protein level in urine, body weight, and so on. Therefore, for patients with Stage 3 CKD, their protein intake should change from person to person. To get direct answer, you can tell us your body weight, the amount of protein in urine in 24 hours and blood urea nitrogen level online. Then, nephrologists here can give you the amount of daily protein intake directly.

If patients don't have proteinuria and their BUN level is normal, their recommended protein intake is as much as that for healthy people.

As the above mentioned, protein is one essential nutrition for the body. It can provide energy for functioning cell all over the body, and normally, kidneys are responsible for eliminating protein metabolic waste products. In stage 3 kidney disease, patients are suffering from moderate kidney damage. To prevent further kidney damage and malnutrition, these patients are suggested to take in 0.8g/kg body weight of protein one daily. Additionally, in order to reduce the production of waste chemicals, at least half of protein should come from high-quality protein.

If patients' urea level is higher than normal but they don't have proteinuria, they should reduce their protein intake.

Urea is one terminal waste product of protein metabolism, so if extra urea builds up in the blood, patients should limit their protein intake. In this condition, they should reduce their protein intake to 0.6g/kg body weight.

If patients only have proteinuria but blood urea nitrogen level is normal, they can elevate their protein intake relatively.

Most cases, Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease patients with this condition should increase their protein intake to 1.0~1.2g/kg body weight. This can supplement the lost protein timely.

Correct amount of protein intake can help these patients keep a health condition and strengthen their body.

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