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Herbal Supplement for Kidney Failure

Kidney failure means an advanced kidney damage, which may be treated by Dialysis or you may be recommended with Kidney Transplant. However, dialysis and kidney transplant are not the only choice, you may have a try of herbal supplement for kidney failure.

Herbs are made of phytochemicals which elicit specific physiologial and energetic effects in the body. Due tp each plant’s unique balance of phytochemicals, its distinct therapeatic qualities can be employed when it is used in the righ circumstances and the proper proportions.

Your Herbal Formula

Each different case require a unique herbal formula. Even you and the other one has the same Kidney Disease and in same stage, it doesn’t mean you will get the same herbal supplement with him or her. All depends on your own condition.

As your over health, own symptoms, complications change gradually, the herbal formula will also differ from condition to condition. Thereby, even your herbal formula is also changable as the medical condition improves or worsens.

Usually, the herbal supplements for Kidney Faillure patients will have the following effects.

- repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function

- alleviate symptoms and prevent complications

- offset the side effects from chemical treatment

Here are some common herbal supplements for Kidney Failure.

- Corn silk (Zea mais) is a mucilaginous herb and it protects the membranes of the urinary tract and kidneys.

- Gravel root can be combined with hydrangea and uva ursi as a urinary tract disinfectant that in my own practice was always dependable.

- Dandelion is traditionally used for gall bladder and urinary disorders including gall stones and edema associated with high blood pressure and heart disease.

- Dandelion is good for the kidneys, has a strong stimulant to the production of urine is highly recommended for cases of fluid retention, but also a great way to help remove toxins from the blood, stimulating the kidney function.

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