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Creatinine Swing, Dialysis, Immunotherapy

Q: My mother is a Kidney Disease patient. And she is on dialysis. The frequency of dialysis remains depending on the amount of urine output: if the urine is some what okay, then no Dialysis is done. But today there was less urine output hence dialysis was done. Creatinine level was 4.2 previously and it was 2.4 yesterday. Her creatinine swings usually. The traces of RBC is also detected in the urine hence doctors are referring to do dialysis until blood traces are nil in the urine.

A: Red blood cells runs in blood vessels in normal case, while, if thrombosis blocks blood vessels, blood can have exosmosis or endosmosis.

That is why your mom has blood trace in urine, to treat this, she need improve blood circulation, remove those thromosis, inflammation and other blockers in blood vessels.

Dialysis is to remove toxins and excess water in the body, once those excess water was removed, she urinate less, that is reasonable. Another thing is when patient take dialysis for a period of time, blood perfusion in kidney can become less, so kidney can shrink and at last patient can become very fragile.

Immunotherapy is recommended in the similar condition with your mum, which includes special tests to evaluate the function of renal tubular and glomerular, and then specific treatment can be made, by this, abnormal inflammation can stop.

Meanwhile, by checking cycling immune complex, lymphocyte subset and blood concentration, we can know which blood purification is suitable, we can know which Chinese herb prescription is helpful to reinforce the immune system and remove those harmful deposition in kidney and cycling in blood vessel, so the treatment could be more targeted and effective.

From your mom's condition, I estimated her condition is not so bad, therefore, if early treatment given, she can reverse its aggravation and lead a better life.

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