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Medications for Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure Medications For people with Kidney Failure, some medications help cope with the symptoms and slow the kidney damage development. Medications management plays an important role in maintaining a good kidney conditions.

Phosphorus Binder

Phosphorus is the second most common mineral in the body, after calcium. Phosphorus helps your body use energy, build strong bones and teeth and carry oxygen to tissues. Extra phosphorus is removed from the body through urine made by healthy kidneys. Phosphorus will build up in your blood when you suffer from kidney failure. High phosphorus blood levels will make you experience many problem, such as heart disease, bone disease, fatigue, breathing difficulties etc.

Phosphorus binders prevent the body from absorbing the phosphorus from the food you eat, which helps alleviate the hyperphsophatemia.

ACE inhibitors

ACE inhibitors are used to cope with the elevated blood pressure in patients with Kidney Disease, which prevent angiotensin I from creating angiotensin II. This helps the muscles around the blood vessels relax and enlarges the blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure.


Similar with ACE inhibitors, ARBs protect the blood vessels from the effects of angiotensin II so that blood pressure stays in a safe range. Both ACE inhibitors and ARBs not only lower blood pressure, but also help delay the kidney damage development. The target blood pressure for kidney disease is below 130/80.


In some causes, Kidney Failure may cause you to suffer from much fluid and make you experience swellings. It is more likely to happen in patients with Acute Kidney Failure. In these cases, you may be suggested to use diuretic to expel excessive water.


Many people with kidney failure experience Back Pain, Bone Pain, Flan Pain from minor to moderation. And they may take painkillers for a transient alleviation. However, if used on a regular basis, it will cause side effects and kidney damage is one of them. Massage and Acupuncture may be better choice in reducing pain and they show less side effects.

Medications for Kidney Failure cannot be listed completely here. For different cases, the medications will also change. Share your story and we are glad to find the medicine recommendation for you.

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