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How to Diagnose Kidney Diseases? Three Common Tests Urine Test Can Help Part One

How to Diagnose Kidney Diseases? Three Common Tests Urine Test Can Help Part One

As three common test, urine test can diagnose so many diseases, include kidney diseases. Among urine test, protein and occult blood play important roles.

But, only knowing protein urine and occult blood is not enough, let’s see the following 11 urine inspect item

1. Protein urine

protein urine is an important inspect item in kidney diseases. If positive protein urine has clinical diagnostic value, further diagnose 24 hour urine protein quality is needed.

But, there are many reasons for protein urine, if want to diagnose pathologic albuminuria, following elements should be excluded:

Functional proteinuria: organism has psychentonia, strenuous exercise, cold stimulation, often seen in youngsters.

Postural proteinuria: negative in clinostatism and positive when standing long, occur mostly in teen-agers.

Accidental proteinuria: reproductive system excretion mixed in urine will lead to false positive in protein urine. while patients inject penicillin, it may cause false negative.

2. Red blood cells and occult blood

Occult blood means broken red blood cells in urine. normal urine will have red blood cells occasionally, no more than 3. If the number more than that, it may be caused by kidney or urine tract bleeding. But, we can not judge kidney disease only by occult blood and red blood cells. If patients have blood in urine, further diagnose to test the form of red blood cells can help make sure the causes is kidney diseases or not.

3. Transparency

Normal fresh urine is clear and transparent, except place too long and female urine will be little turbid. Turbid urine often caused by urate crystal, albiduria, pyurina and blood in urine.

4. PH Value

Low PH often seen in acidosis, ardent fever, gout, diabetes, and oral taken Ammonium chloride, vitamin C.

High PH may caused by alkalosis, retension of urine, cystitis, diuretic and renal tubular acidosis

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