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What Can Kidney Failure Patients Expect After Osmotherapy Treatment

What Can Kidney Failure Patients Expect After Osmotherapy TreatmentKidney Failure, also known as Renal Failure, is the most advanced stage of chronic kidney disease, then, Dialysis or Kidney Transplant are used to maintain and prolong life. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, the other option called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has become more and more popular because it has no surgery, pain and aside effects. Well then, what kidney failure patients can expect after osmotherapy treatment?

We all know, kidneys are very important organs which are endowed with numerous functions to keep the whole body health. When kidneys fail to function normally, patients will suffer a lot, such as High Creatinine Level, massive Proteinuria, severe Swelling or edema, Itching, Nausea&Vomiting, Oliguria, Cardiovascular Disease and so on. These symptoms not only can bring much pain to patients, but also will threaten patients’ life. Although dialysis can prolong patients’ life to some extent, it cannot improve renal function. Plus, the cost is also very expensive. Many patients cannot afford the long-term and frequent dialysis.

Well then, what can patients expect after omsotherapy treatment?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a great breakthrough of kidney disease treatment, developing from Traditional Chinese Medicines. It has thought to be the new hope for kidney disease patients. Many patients describe the treatment as the Chinese massage. According to clinical curative effects, many patients can get well improvement within 30 days.

1. Many patients can feel some effect after 7 to 10 days' comprehensive treatment. Some serious symptoms and complications such as Fatigue, Swelling and hypertension can be relieved.

2. After 20 days' special and professional treatment, patients can feel the good effect and their kidney function can get a great improvement. Also, high creatinine level can be reduced and almost normal.

3. The rest of 10 days is used to consolidate the effect and avoid disease relapse (appear) again. And You can not trouble back at home. Also, at the same time, creatinine can be normal and kidney function can work normally.

However, not all kidney disease patients can use the treatment. To know whether you are a candidate of the treatment, please email to us at and it is better to attach your test reports.

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