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Cupping Therapy for Kidney Failure Patients

Cupping Therapy for Kidney Failure PatientsCupping therapy is one of oldest traditional Chinese medicine therapy which uses cups to create a local suction on the skin to achieve the goal of recovery. It can help treat kidney failure a lot by managing the related complications and slowing down the progression of kidney disease.

The administration of cupping therapy

Firstly, prepare the materials: two cups (one is spare), tweezers, 95% ethyl alcohol, cotton ball, matchstick, soap, washbasin, and so on.

Secondly, examination before the therapy: Examine patients’ illness condition to determine the diagnosis and the location and type of cupping.

Thirdly, use fire or pressure to discharge the air from cups and put these cups on certain meridians.

Lastly, these cups should remain there for 10 ~30 minutes and then remove these cups.

The therapeutic effects of cupping therapy for kidney failure

In recent years, cupping therapy is applied widely to treat kidney failure, because of the following effects:

- Boost energy and qi in the body. This can make patients fight against their kidney failure effectively.

-Draw out toxins out of the blood. The strong suction of cupping will eliminate toxins from the body. This can help cleanse the blood and provide a good internal environment for kidney recovery.

-Relieve pain. When the meridians are dredged, the pain feeling will disappear.

-Reduce high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the most common symptom of chronic kidney failure, and it can speed up the progression of kidney disease easily. Cupping therapy can help reduce high blood pressure effectively.

Can all kidney failure patients use cupping therapy?

Of course, the answer is no. Generally, cupping therapy is considered to be relatively safe except patients have some problems. They are: serious heart disease, sepsis, high fever, skin disease, infectious disease, pregnant women, and so on.

Now, we have got a general overview of cupping therapy for kidney failure patients. To learn more about them, you can leave a message to

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