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The Secret to Prevent Kidney Failure from Progressing to Uremia

The Secret to Prevent Kidney Failure from Progressing to UremiaOnce kidney disease progresses into chronic kidney failure, people will worry about the aggravation of their illness condition and begin to stare at the change of their creatinine levels. This is because they are afraid that their serum creatinine level will increase to 700umol/L and their condition will develop into uremic stage. How to prevent chronic kidney failure from aggravating into uremia?

The popular method to treat kidney disease is steroid and dialysis along with medicines of anti-coagulation, diuretic, lowering blood fat and reducing high blood pressure.

Maybe, you have found that these medicines and therapies focus on managing patients' various symptoms and complications. This theory that aims at managing kidney disease through inhibiting symptoms has been proven to be not effective. Actually, it is unable to control the root cause that leads to aggravation of kidney disease.

Only it is right that alleviate symptoms and complications through removing the root cause.

What should we do in detail? We add traditional Chinese medicine therapies into the treatment.

The important theory of TCM is to active the blood, remove stasis and dredge blocker channels. That is to say, degrade systemic microcirculation, and eliminate waste and toxins. This can provide a good basis for the improvement of health condition and kidney condition.

The therapeutic effect of present treatment plan is not stable, because it is lack of this step.

So, the secret to stop the progression of chronic kidney failure is the combination of western medicine and Chinese medicine.

In order to achieve this goal, we have created not only hundreds of oral Chinese medicine prescriptions but also cycle therapy, du jiu, steaming, medicated bath, foot bath, hot compress and enema.

These therapies can play their function together through different regions and ways, so as to make patients' treatment output biggest and prevent the relapse of kidney disease effectively.

I believe this is what all kidney failure patients want to see.

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