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Success Rate of Stem Cell Transplant for Kidney Failure

Success Rate of Stem Cell Transplant for Kidney FailureStem cell transplant, also called stem cell therapy, has been used widely throughout the world. Now, more and more patients with chronic kidney disease, especially kidney failure, hope to take this therapy to rebuild their kidney structure. Before using, the success rate of stem cell transplant becomes their biggest concern.

Stem cells

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the proliferative, differential and self-renewing ability. Therefore, stem cells are able to differentiate into functioning cells in certain culture. Because of these stem cells’ abilities, these cells are applied in many medical fields.

Stem Cell Transplant for Kidney Failure

Different kidney failure patients must have different damaged kidney areas. Stem cell transplant introduces stem cells into patients’ body. These cells can find out the impaired kidney area because of cytokines, which is released by damaged kidneys. Then, transplanted or injected stem cells differentiate into new kidney cells that replace damaged kidney cells to work. Finally, this therapy achieves to rebuild kidney structure and improve kidney function level successfully.

Success rate of stem cell therapy to treat kidney failure

Because stem cell roots in healthy people’s body, it is nontoxic. Even if stem cells dosen’t work normally in the body, they won’t cause any severe complication. Moreover, according to clinical research, success rate of this therapy has reached 90% in the specialized kidney disease hospital. This number is quite optimistic. Besides, it is very important that kidney failure patients cooperate with their doctor very well. If you can use this therapy, please don’t worry. As long as you follow doctor’s guidance, you will get a good outcome.

The last but not least, you should receive treatment in one professional kidney disease hospital, so you can get the most effective treatment option and the success rate increases a lot. If you still have anything unclear or need any help, you can leave a message below or contact us through whatsapp.

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