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How to Repair A Leaking Kidney

How to Repair A Leaking KidneyNormally, kidneys can not only remove waste products, extra fluid and toxins but also keep nutritions in the body. A leaking kidney means renal filtration barrier is damaged, so some nutritions like protein and red blood cells appear in the urine. In this case, how to repair a leaking kidney?

Within kidneys, glomeruli are responsible for filtering blood, and they have three barrier structures. They are glomerular endothelial cells, glomerular basement membrane and glomerular epithelial cells. Because of this structure, kidney filtration barrier is divided into mechanical barrier and charge barrier.

When protein leaks into the urine, it reveals renal charge barrier is destroyed, while the leakage of red blood cells indicate mechanical barrier is damaged. According to your blood and urine test, you can firstly determine which part of kidneys are impaired.

After finding out the impaired area, the next thing we need to do is to fix it. Today, we would like to introduce Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which has used maturely to repair damaged kidney cells and rebuild glomerular filtration structure. This therapy works through the following steps.

Step 1: Curb inflammatory reactions within kidneys. It is reported that more than 85% of kidney disease is due to inflammatory reactions. This Chinese osmotherapy uses some medicines with strong immunological competence to remove inflammatory factors and inhibit inflammatory reactions. This can prevent protein, red blood cells and other nutritions from leaking out.

Step 2: Increase the blood flow into kidneys. Just like other organs, the restoration of kidneys also need enough nutritions and oxygen, which are all transported by blood circulation. Thereby, increasing the blood flow can provide a condition for repairing kidney.

Step 3: Improve the self-curative ability of kidneys. Every kidney cell has certain self-curative ability. However, if the damage extent is beyond its curative ability, some therapies are needed to improve this ability. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy just can achieve this goal.

To determine whether you can use this therapy, you are recommended to send your latest report or illness description to Therefore, doctors here can give you the answer in 24 hours.

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