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Hot Compress Therapy for Stage 4 Kidney Failure with Creatinine 3.3

Hot Compress Therapy for Stage 4 Kidney Failure with Creatinine 3.3As Hot Compress Therapy is used maturely and shows obvious therapeutic effects on treating Kidney Failure, more and more kidney patients at different stages as well as stage 4 come to China for receiving this therapy. One patient with Stage 4 Kidney Failure and creatinine 3.3 wants to know whether Hot Compress Therapy works for him or not.

In Stage 4 Kidney Failure, impaired kidneys can only constrainedly work by themselves. If uncontrolled effectively, patients have to begin dialysis or do kidney transplant in the near future. What’s worse, their levels of creatinine, BUN, uric acid, Hb, etc, aggravate quickly. Therefore, the formation of Hot Compress Therapy is one great news for patients with Stage 4 Renal Failure.

What is the theoretical basis of Hot Compress Therapy?

According to doctors of TCM, there is one corresponding acupoint on the skin to every organ and system, and skin is full of pores. Therefore, the effective ingredients of herbal medicines can permeate into the body through skin pores, and this method is called external application of herbal medicine. Hot Compress Therapy is just such a treatment option.

How does Hot Compress Therapy help treat Stage 4 Kidney Failure?

Firstly, doctors will choose a specific treatment formula based on patients’ illness condition. All of medicines in the treatment formular change from person to person.

Secondly, these medicines are shattered super-finely. Then, these medicines are put into two bags and soaked with penetrant. Therefore, the ingredients of medicines can permeate into the body more easily.

Thirdly, these two bags are placed on patients’ Shenshu acupoint, which is corresponding to patients’ kidneys. Therefore, the effective ingredients of medicines can reach kidney lesions and work directly. Then, kidney function improves obviously and high creatinine level reduces naturally. That’s to say, stage 4 kidney failure is reversed successfully.

If you want to take this therapy, you can leave a message below or email to We can send more information abut Hot Compress Therapy for you.

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