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Systematic Treatment for Anemia and Creatinine 7.2 in Kidney Failure

Systematic Treatment for Anemia and Creatinine 7.2 in Kidney FailureWhat is the systematic treatment for anemia and creatinine 7.2 in kidney failure? Doctors of our local hospital suggest my sister to have dialysis. Please kindly help to find methods.

To be honest, creatinine 7.2 is much higher than the normal range(0.5-1.2mg/dl). As an alternative remedy, dialysis indeed can help lower it and extend patient’s survival periods to a certain extent. However, if used improperly, it will aggravate anemia. What’s worse, there are always some adverse effects.

To bring the condition under control, it is high time to seek for systematic treatment. At our center, experts in this field firstly recommend kidney failure patients to take Blood-Purification technique. Compared dialysis, these techniques can help filter middle-sized toxins and macromolecular toxins out of the blood. Thereby, a favorable internal environment can be created for recovery of kidney function and alleviation of anemia.

Then, we adopt our characteristic treatment to increase kidney function. You know China is rather famous for traditional Chinese medicine, and some of the herbs have been proven to be effective in fighting against kidney disease. So, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended here.

As a brand new of TCM, this natural treatment is applied externally. Under the action of dilating blood vessels, fighting against inflammatory reaction, anti-coagulation and supplying nutrients for the “blood-cleaners”, renal function can be increased, anemia relieved and creatinine 7.2 decreased. People who have received this treatment describe it as massage, so it is very comfortable.

During the treatment, if they feel bored, they can also try to listen to some light music to relax themselves. Besides, if you want to get an individualized herbal list, please attach the latest medical report to

The above contents are introduction of our systematic treatment for anemia and creatinine 7.2 in kidney failure. Best wishes to you!

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