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Can Chinese Osmotherapy Really Heal Renal Failure

Can Chinese Osmotherapy Really Heal Renal FailureWe know it is quite difficult for Renal Failure patients to make a decision to try a new therapy without detailed understanding. However, nothing is more important than your health, right? With tested again and again, Chinese Osmotherapy is proven to be effective on treating renal failure. Can this therapy heal kidney failure?

Chinese Osmotherapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

With several thousands of years, TCM has been used widely especially in China to treat various diseases including kidney disease. At present, most people mistakenly think TCM is oral Chinese medicine which tastes very bitter and works slowly. In fact, TCM includes not only oral herbal medicines but also Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath and so on.

Chinese Osmotherapy is one innovation therapy that both overcomes the big disadvantages of TCM and combines all of the above therapies effectively. Therefore, more and more renal failure patients would like to take this therapy.

How does Chinese Osmotherapy help treat renal failure?

Firstly, with the effects of anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation, Chinese Osmotherapy can guarantee blood to flow smoothly. Secondly, this therapy prompts expanded blood vessels all over the body, so as to lower high creatinine level and supply enough nutritions and blood for damaged kidney cells. Thirdly, it can help degrade extracellular matrix to provide a good basis for kidney recovery. Finally, some micronized Chinese medicines are taken to increase the self-curative ability of impaired kidney cells.

Generally speaking, renal failure patients can get the following therapeutic effects after one or two weeks.

- Fatigue is eased

- Cotton-like materials are found in the urine

- Appetite and sleep quality improves

- Swelling and hypertension are alleviated

- Get more sweating

- Skin and muscle problems are eased

Then, after about one month’s treatment, patients can get the long-term effects:

- High creatinine level reduces

- Protein and red blood cells in urine decline

- Kidney function level increases

- Reduce the frequency of dialysis or even get rid of it

Since Chinese Osmotherapy can help treat Renal Failure. Hopefully, more and more patients can get benefits from it.

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