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Why Dialysis Patients Complain They Are Weak

Why Dialysis Patients Complain They Are WeakDialysis could help people remove metabolic wastes from their body, but dialysis has some complications. Patients after dialysis often complain they are weak. There are several reasons of the symptom.


Anemia is one of causes that dialysis patients feel weak. Kidney disease may cause renal anemia. These symptoms of anemia become more obvious after dialysis. During dialysis, the dialysis device may hurt blood cells. And dialysis may cause some bleedings. These all contribute to fatigue. As we know, red blood cells carry oxygen to our organs. If the red cell number decreases, we will not have enough oxygen. We will feel sleepy and tired.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is also a complication of dialysis. Low blood pressure reduces blood’s transportation ability. Less oxygen and nutrients will go into our cells and we will feel weak.

Shortage of potassium

Dialysis may cause shortage of potassium in blood. Potassium has the function of regulating nerve function. Shortage of potassium reduces muscle excitability, which leads to myasthenia and flaccid paralysis. Patients lose lots of potassium in a short time during dialysis. And the symptom will be more obvious.

Poor nutrition

A part of nutrients may lose in dialysis, and dialysis patients should follow a restricted diet plan. Without enough nutrients, people can’t conduct physiology activity as normal so they will feel fatigue.

Low calcium level in blood

Dialysis patients often have the symptom of hyperphosphatemia while hyperphosphatemia often causes hypocalcemia. Low calcium level in blood also should be to blame for muscle weakness.

Lack of exercise

Owing to poor health, patients may avoid doing exercise. But regular mild physical activities are good for enhancing immunity avoid complications. Long time without exercise, people may feel feeble.

Reasons for fatigue is various. According to your own condition, consult your doctor and choose your treatment.

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