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Home Remedy to Repair Kidneys

Home Remedy to Repair KidneysIt is time to repair kidneys when harmful substances attack kidneys and kidney functioning tissues are damaged gradually. Besides some medical therapies, home remedy is also very useful to repair kidneys.

Damaged kidneys

With diseased kidneys, less blood flows into kidneys. On one hand, kidney filters can’t eliminate extra fluid and waste products completely. On the other hand, kidney functioning cells drop into a condition lack of blood and oxygen. Therefore, home remedies that can help damaged kidneys to cleanse blood or supplement nutritions to kidney cells are needed.

Home remedies to repair kidneys

1. Medicated Bath

Medicated bath is one remedy that adds some effective herbal medicines into patients’ bath water, so the effective ingredients can permeate into the body via skin directly. One big effect of these medicines is to dilate blood vessels, in order to provide enough blood and oxygen to kidney cells. Another obvious effect is to prompt patients’ sweating, so many waste products and fluid can be discharged out via skin. The key of this home remedy is to choose correct medicine.

2. Eat correct foods

Some foods contain rich unsaturated fatty acid that can inhibit inflammatory reactions in kidneys. If kidneys are attacked by Lupus, Purpura Nephritis, IgAN, FSGS, etc, these foods can help repair kidneys. Fish oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, etc, are good choices.

Additionally, foods with abundant antioxidants can help remove free radicals in the body, so they can protect remaining kidney function.

3. Drink some herbal tea

Some herbs also have the property of protecting kidneys and cleansing the blood, such as corn silk, bearberry, couch grass and horsetail, etc. With online doctor’s guidance, you can select one suitable herbal tea to drink.

Here, we only list three home remedies to help repair kidneys. Besides, some other remedies are also helpful. If you are interested about more home remedies, you can contact us freely.

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