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Urine Therapy to Treat Kidney Failure

Urine Therapy to Treat Kidney FailureWhen it comes to Kidney Failure treatment, few people can think of urine therapy. But this therapy claims to be natural and effective that is indeed used to treat Kidney Failure in some countries. Can urine therapy really help reverse Kidney Failure?

What is urine therapy?

Urine therapy is also known as “shivambu” in India. As introduced by some people, urine is the by-product of blood filtration, so it contains similar substances with blood. Our blood circulation can transport various nutritions and oxygen to organs all over the body, and these organs can get essential nutritions based on their need. Finally, redundant nutritions will be discharged out of the body via urine. Therefore, these people think urine isn’t a toxic or dirty substance.

From their analysis, urine is a great source of nourishment and healing therapy, because it contains vital nutrients, enzymes, minerals, hormones, vitamins, antibodies, etc. In hence, urine is used as potential medicine.

Can urine therapy help treat Kidney Failure?

Since urine contains various trace active substances that can help balance people’s autonomic nerve, internal secretion and immune system. Different from conventional medicines, urine therapy mainly works by strengthening patients’ immunity and improving their natural healing system.

Both of these effects seem to be good and effective on treating Kidney Failure, but this therapy hasn’t been proven in clinic. Also, Kidney Failure is more likely to aggravate with the deposits of waste products and toxins in the blood, while urine contains urea, uric acid, creatinine, protein, etc. For this reason, Kidney Failure patients should take this therapy prudently.

Precautions about Kidney Failure treatments

Kidney failure is end stage kidney disease that can cause a series of life-threatening complications easily. Any mistake in Kidney Failure treatment can worsen patients’ illness condition easily. To guarantee your safety, you should pay highly attention to your treatment plan. If you still have something unclear, welcome to leave your question to or in the message board below.

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