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Nausea From Dialysis

kidney failure treatment

Patients in dialysis often the symptom of nausea, and it is a problem that can influence their life greatly. Thereby, it is necessary for patients to have a better understanding about this aspect.

For patients who need dialysis, nauseas often appears in the process of their dialysis or when they get up in every morning. While these two situations are caused by different reasons.

Why patients have nausea in their dialysis?
The nausea in the process of dialysis is mainly caused by two reasons. One is the imbalance syndrome of dialysis, and the other is low blood pressure.

Imbalance syndrome of dialysis is a common situation to patents in dialysis. As we know, kidney has the function of keeping our internal balance. While for patients with kidney disease, their kidney function are damaged, so many wastes accumulate in patients’s body. To remove these wastes and toxins, severe patients will need dialysis. But dialysis can not regulate the balance of minerals, fluid, acid-base, so these imbalance will be aggravated greatly in the process of dialysis. And patients will have many reflections at this time, like nausea, vomit, dysphoria, etc. If this situation is severe in some patients, they should be given hypertonic solution or albumin in time.

On the other hand, patients in dialysis are also easy to have low blood pressure, which is mainly caused by the too fast ultrafiltration or too much blood being transported out in the late period. In this condition, patients should relieve this symptom by reducing the dialysis rate, giving albumin or normal saline.

Why patients always have nausea in the morning?
Another situation is patients always have nausea in every morning.
In fact, a major reason of nausea in patients with kidney disease is the accumulation of nitrogen metabolites. Patients do not take in water in the whole night, while their body metabolism will go on, which consumes much amount of fluid. Patients’ blood flow will reduce due to this situation, and the solubility of nitrogen metabolites will rise greatly. Thereby, patients will always have nausea in the morning. In this condition, supplying a certain amount of water after patients get up is necessary.

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