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Does Bubbles In Urine Indicate Kidney Failure

Bubbles in urine is a common symptom of kidney failure, so some people begin to suspect if they are suffering from kidney failure when they find bubbles in their urine. In fact, many factors can cause bubble urine, and kidney failure is just one reason. Just having bubble urine can not indicate you have kidney failure.

What can cause bubbles in the urine?

Kidney failure: bubble urine is a common symptom for patients with kidney failure. Kidney has the filtration function performed by glomerular filtration membrane. Glomerular filtration membrane has function to remove waste products and reserve nutrition through charge barrier and mechanical barrier. When kidney is damaged, kidney can’t work effectively. When protein pass through the glomerular filtration membrance, it can not be preserved in the body and leak into urine. When excess protein get out of our body with urine, bubbly urine occurs.

Urinary tract infection: it is a main factor to cause bubble urine. About 95% urinary tract infection is caused by a single bacterium which will breed in the urethra. For a long time, it can cause bubble in the urine.

Diabetes: if people have diabetes, they are likely to have bubble urine. High blood sugar can cause much more protein leak into urine, forming bubble urine. For diabetics, when bubbles occur in urine, tests for kidney will be needed to see if kidney function is affected.

High blood pressure: it is the same as diabetes. People with high blood pressure may also have bubble urine. Tight control of blood pressure is very essential for preventing bubbly urine.

In addition, if people do exercise for a long time, or they have acute fever and heart failure, they will find that their urine has bubbles. Therefore, if you have bubble urine, you do not feel scared. The first thing you need to do is to go to hospital and check what causes the bubble urine. If the bubble urine is caused by kidney failure, diabetes and high blood pressure, effective treatment must be given as soon as possible.

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