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Kidney Failure: Why My Weight Loses After Peritoneal Dialysis

Weight loss or gain is not rare in everyone’s life. So do dialysis patients. Weight loss is surely a good news for girls, but it seems not in people who are on peritoneal dialysis. Why my weight loses after dialysis? Read on and find the answer by yourself!

Peritoneal Dialysis Disadvantage

Peritoneal Dialysis is a kidney replacement treatment to remove waste products from your blood. It is used when your kidneys are failed. In this therapy, blood vessels in your abdominal lining fill in for your kidneys, with the help of a fluid that flows into and out of the peritoneal.

Only filtering the small sized minerals in the blood is the major disadvantage of peritoneal dialysis. On one hand, PD fails to distinguish the minerals is useful or waste, so it removes out some necessary minerals along with the waste. The useful nutrition loss is a reason for weight reduction.

On the other hand, PD fails to filter the middle and large sized toxins in the blood, which causes waste products build up in the body. This will damage your body and increases the burden to health. This increases the risk for weakness and weight loss.

Poor Appetite

Another cause of weight loss in PD dialysis is poor appetite. As Kidney Disease develops, it affects digestive system, causing nausea and poor appetite. And also poor appetite is a side effect of dialysis. After your PD, this system may worsen than before, which increases the risk of weight loss.

Is there any suggestions for the weight loss?

- Peritoneal Dialysis helps sustain life of Kidney Failure patients. However, if used only, it may show various side effects. You are suggested to combine with other supplementary treatments, such as Chinese Herbal Medicine, to offset the side effects of chemical treatments.

- Healthy management on diet and exercise helps you keep a better kidney and a better balance on your weight.

- To eliminate the middle and large toxins in the blood, you are suggested to combine other Blood Purification treatments, such as Hemofiltration, Plasma exchange, Immune adsorption etc.

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