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Renal Failure: What Causes Mental Confusion and Itchy Skin

Renal Failure: What Causes Mental Confusion and Itchy SkinHuman body is actually fairly tolerant, so there are usually no symptoms in the early stage of kidney disease. Renal Failure symptoms become evident as the kidneys are severely damaged. Here, we will talk about the causes of mental confusion and itchy skin in Renal Failure. After confirming the accurate causes, significant treatment should be adopt promptly to eliminate the problems.

What causes mental confusion in Kidney Failure?

a. Accumulation of toxins. As the kidney function gets worse, the toxins will continue to build up in the body and affect the brain, mental confusion can result.

b. Hypoglycemia. The normal function os brain requires a steady supply of energy, in the form of glucose-sugars reaped from carbohydrates in food. In case of too low sugar levels, mental clarity may suffer. Hypoglycemia can cause confusion.

c. Hypocalcaemia. Calcium levels fall during Renal Failure, which can result in mental symptoms such as confusion.

d. Medicine. In case of pain treatment, morphine has by-products that collect when the kidneys fail to function well, and this can cause confusion.

How does itchy skin occur in Renal Failure?

Kidney problems and itchy skin unfortunately go hand in had because of accumulation of phosphate (phosphorus) and uremic toxins. The kidneys are responsible for maintain electrolyte balance and filtering wastes from the blood. When kidney failure are present, the kidneys lost their ability to keep the balance of electrolytes and filter the blood efficiently and the wastes build up. This causes the skin to itch, particularly on the legs.

People with Renal Failure are suggested to take into consideration the severity of some of these causes, it is not at all wise to ignore mental confusion and itchy skin. You can chat with our online doctor or email us at for free personalized advice. Best wishes!

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