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Kidney Failure and Skin Rash

Skin rash is not uncommon for patients with Kidney Failure. As the kidney failure develops, the skin rash may worsen gradually.

Kidney Failure and Skin Rash

Healthy skin provides a barrier between the inside of the body and the outside environment. A rash indicates the changes in skin. A skin rash is generally a minor problem which may need no treatment. However, it if happens in patients with Kidney Failure, it is a sign than should draw your much attention.

Usually, for patients with Kidney Failure, skin rash is considered a inflammatory system disease rather than a local skin disorder. There are mainly two causes for the skin rash for your consideration.

- immune disorder. More than 95% of Kidney Diseases are related to immune disorder. Thereby, any bacteria can causes a obvious sign in kidney failure patients. Skin rash is a very common symptom of immune system disorder.

- phosphate building up in the blood. Kidneys work to remove the toxins and waste products in the blood. However, when your kidneys fail, the kidneys will not function enough to filter the excessive phosphates from the blood, causing phosphate building up. High phosphorus level will contribute the skin problems. Skin itching and skin rash are common symptoms.

How to Treat Skin Rash in Patients with Kidney Failure?

Skin rash associated with Kidney Failure can markedly affect a patient’s quality of life and can negatively impact their mental and physical health. Thereby, it is important to get a treatment as soon as possible.

To deal with skin rash in patients with Kidney Failure, we have to find treatments which focus on the skin rash underlying causes.

Experts recommend immunotherapy and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Immunotherapy helps deal with with the underlying immune disorder which alleviate the skin rash from the very root.

Chinese herbal medicine helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function to filter out the excessive phosphate in blood.

In addition, there are many natural ways which can help alleviate the skin rash safely. If you have interest, you can leave a message below or email to

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