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To Kidney Failure Patient: When You Feel Nausea or Vomiting

Dear Suffers with Kidney Failure:

When you feel nausea or vomiting, please don’t worry, each of them is a common symptom for Kidney Disease. Other symptoms may also include Back Pain, swelling, fatigue etc. However, please never belittle the mild medical changes, because each of them may indicate the underlying kidney damage changes.

When you feel nausea or vomiting, what should you do?

Firstly, please tell your doctor. Or if your doctor is not available, you can consult our free online service, online doctor will help give you a rough diagnosis. Also, is a contact email for your inquiry.

Secondly, finding the cause of your nausea or vomiting. If you happen to be a kidney failure who is suffering nausea or vomiting, you are not alone. A great number of Kidney Failure patients are facing the same problem with you, due to different causes. And you need to find your cause firstly. The possible causes maybe:

- Swelling. You may see swellings in your feet, ankles or eye lids. However, it is not easy for you to see the swollen internal organs by your naked eyes. When your digestive organs are swollen, you will feel the upset stomach.

- Medicine or Dialysis. Some chemical medicines or treatments, such as Dialysis, show side effects. Nausea or vomiting is one of them. If you feel the discomforts, after or during dialysis or your treatment, please let your doctor know it.

- Kidney Damage. Kidneys work to remove the wastes from your blood. This is their major work. When your kidneys are failed, toxins and extra fluids will deposit in the body, causing a high toxic internal environment. This will increase the risk to develop nausea or vomiting.

Natural remedies, such as Chinese Herbal Medicine or the latest Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function, which offers a promising future to alleviate the symptoms of Kidney Failure and reverse some Kidney Diseases. If you need the case of kidney failure treated by natural remedy, you can click: Patient Story: Creatinine 497 Reduces to 204, Urine Volume 800 Increase to 1600

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