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Chronic Renal Failure Effects on Respiratory System

Chronic Renal Failure Effects on Respiratory SystemKidneys have many functions to maintain a balance internal environment of human body. When a case develop into chronic renal failure, not only the urinary system will be affected, the respiratory system, blood system system, cardiovascular, digestive system will be involved gradually.


Kidneys help remove the excessive water and keep the useful substance of protein in the blood. When kidneys are failed, the excessive water will stay in the body, causing edema on face, legs, arms, feet etc.

In addition, as protein has ability to keep the water stay in the blood. When the protein leaks into the urine and causes Proteinuria, the fluids in the blood will flow into the tissues from blood, which will aggravate the swellings.

Swellings not only affect the organs that you can see, it also influences the internal organs, such as respiratory organs, causing them swollen. This will lead to shortness of breath, anhelation, pleural effusion etc.

Toxins Deposition

The most important function of kidneys is to remove the toxins in the blood and keep a clean internal environment for the body to run regularly. When kidneys cannot work well, the toxins will deposit in the blood, causing various symptoms and complications. And two of them are known as alveolar capillary permeability and pulmonary congestion.

In such conditions, patients can feel discomforts, such as paroxysmal cough, difficult breathing, cyanosis, orthopea. And if you take scanning examination, you will see a butterfly-shaped shadows in your chest. And you may need Dialysis or diuretics as treatment to relieve the symptoms.

Kidneys, not only work to regulate the waste products and fluids in the body and make urine, but also function to deal with a whole systemic health of body. When you are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure, the treatments only deal with the kidney damage and its symptoms are not enough. The complications are more likely to bring you into dangerous situation than the failed kidneys themselves. For Kidney Failure complications, please send email to or just leave a message below.

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