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Kidney Disease Patients Need Pay Attention to Those Symptoms!

Kidney Disease Patients Need Pay Attention to Those Symptoms!Kidney disease patients need pay attention to those symptoms! Kidney failure could be divided into chronic kidney failure and acute kidney failure. The develop of acute kidney failure is very fast which generally caused by lack of blood in kidneys, kidneys damaged by some elements or toxin. The main cause of chronic kidney failure is a long time kidney disease which lead to kidneys lost their function gradually.

The damage of kidney failure:

Kidney failure will damage many organs.

It could damage the patient’s stomach and intestine which would lead to low appetite, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea and mouth with urine odor.

Kidney failure also would damage the heart of patients which could lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, pericarditis and so on.

Kidney failure will damage emotional health.

It would lead to fatigue, dizzy, memory loss, itching, acroanesthesia even convulsions, coma and other symptoms.

The clinical symptoms of kidney failure:

The volume and quality of urine would be changed. The urine volume of an adult less than 400ml we call it less urine, less than 100ml we call it no urine. And we can find protein, red blood cells and coarse grain type in patient’s urine.

Water intoxication. Due to the reduce of urine volume, there are much water in patient’s body and cannot be removed which would lead to water intoxication. It would cause secondary high blood pressure, hear failure, encephaledema and so on.

Electrolyte disturbances. Because potassium ion cannot be removed through the urine, patient will get the hyperpotassemia.

There are many clinical symptoms of kidney failure patients, so kidney disease patients need pay more attention to their condition and check their bodies regularly.

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