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Leg Swelling and Kidney Failure

Leg Swelling,Kidney FailureLeg swelling caused by the buildup of fluids in leg tissues is known as edema which is a common symptom of kidney failure. Knowing the cause of leg swelling helps manage well of kidney disease.

Leg swelling and kidney failure

There are mainly two causes which contributes to kidney failure as follows.

- kidney damage. Kidneys are important organs to remove the excessive fluids and waste products in the blood. When people are diagnosed with kidney failure, the kidneys cannot function well. The extra fluids will stay in the body, causing swellings on legs, feet, ankles etc.

- Protein in Urine. Protein in urine is another symptom of Kidney Failure. As we all know that, the kidneys filter the blood, remove the waste products and keep the useful substances stay in the blood. However, in kidney failure, the useful substances, such as protein or red blood cells are leaked into urine, causing proteinuria or Hematuria. Protein has a natural ability to “lock” the water in blood. Protein loss will cause the swelling flowing into tissues from blood, causing swellings.

How to deal with the leg swelling in kidney failure?

- Kidney Function Improvement. As we mentioned, kidney failure is the root cause to edema. Thereby, to control this symptom, improving kidney function is necessary. Chinese Herbal Medicine seems a good choice for it helps repair the damage kidney tissues, stimulate the self-cure ability of damaged glomeruli and improve kidney functions. As long as kidney function can be improved, the symptoms of kidney failure will be alleviated surely.

- Proteinuria Control. The treatment of swelling legs in kidney failure patients is to reduce the loss of protein into the urine and to restrict salt in the diet. The loss of protein in the urine may be reduced by the use of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB's). Both categories of drugs, which ordinarily are used to lower blood pressure, prompt the kidneys to reduce the loss of protein into the urine.

However, they are just common ways to control swelling legs. For a better effects, you are suggested to take personalized treatments and care based on your own conditions. Any help, you are suggested to leave your message below and we are here to offer a guidance for anyone who need a better kidney management.

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