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Kidney Failure: High Creatinine Level 13.2, Urea 203, 60 Years Old

Q: Patient is my mother. She is pure renal failure. She is getting very week day by day. She is having swelling almost in full body specially is legs. Her creatinine is 13.2 and her urea is 203. She is 60 years old and she don’t agrees for dialysis in any case. Now her mental status is also getting affected because of this. She does not eat any thing even she takes 2 sips of shake in whole day. If you could suggest me any medication except dialysis.

A: You know that her kidneys have damaged a lot and the other organs will be related by her damaged kidneys. And her HB level must be very low at present right?

And you know because glomerular becomes necrosis and sclerosis, thus resulting in increased glomerular permeability. As a result, the proteins in blood will leak into urine through glomeruli. The main function of glomeruli is like a filter, the nutrition substances are abstracted from the blood, and the waste product is discharge into the initial urine. Most of the protein should be maintained in the human body, only a little protein should be discharged into urine.

However, as your glomeruli get damaged,especially the bore diameters as they are bigger which lead to a lot of protein be leaked into the initial urine.)What's more when there is large quantity of the protein in urine, it will cause the edema. And as you said she has swelling almost her whole body, that is not a good sign for her, please ask her to take less water in case the swelling gets worse as you know that is very dangerous if the water penetrate to her lung or heart.

As her creatinine level and Urea level are very high at present, I suggest her to take dialysis for several times to reduce them if your mother always feel weak or has another symptoms such as fatigue and vomiting.

I think you may have a certain understanding of the western medicine for treating Kidney Disease; there is no good treatment but dialysis. But if you have interest in Chinese Herbal Medicine, it may show an amazing effects on the Kidney Failure patient.

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