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Hypoglycemia and Chronic Kidney Failure

Hypoglycemia and Chronic Kidney FailureFasting blood glucose (FBG) below 70mg/dl is considered hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. If this happens in chronic kidney failure patients, it must reveal some underlying disorders like overmedication with insulin and other antidiabetic pills. This should attract patients’ attention.

For chronic kidney failure patients who have hypoglycemia, the greatest risk is the coexistence of kidney problem and diabetes. Diabetes is always characterized by high blood sugar, so diabetics need to take antidiabetic medications or inject insulin to manage blood sugar. When glomerular filtration rate (GFR) or kidney clearance ability declines, the effective ingredients of these medications will remain in the system longer, resulting in low blood sugar.

Whether or not kidney disease patients have diabetes, they may be vulnerable to low blood sugar because of the following reasons.

- Poor appetite that causes decreased usual food intake

- Missed meals or waiting too long to eat

- Severe infection

- Use of alcohol

- Overdose of insulin or other antidiabetic medications

- Taking these antidiabetic medicines at the wrong time

- Too much physical activity

If chronic kidney failure patients have hypoglycemia, some symptoms such as headache sweating, feeling hungry or shaky, confusion, blurry vision, and so on may present to remind the onset of this problem. Therefore, it is very important for patients with kidney disease to prevent low blood sugar.

Here are some ways to prevent hypoglycemia effectively.

* Follow a regular meal plan and take in enough nutrition

* Take the correct dosage of antidiabetic medications at the recommended time

* Avoid alcohol and alcohol-containing beverage

* When you are doing exercise, make sure snacks and medications are on hand

* Avoid strenuous exercise

* Monitor your blood sugar regularly and tell your doctor timely if it is low or high

Additionally, kidney patients should also take some methods to protect their kidneys and reverse their kidney damage. To get the best treatment option, the easiest way to consult online directly.

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