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What Happens When Kidney Failure Patients Don’t Have Bowel Movement

What Happens When Kidney Failure Patients Don’t Have Bowel MovementKidney Failure is one serious condition that can cause a variety of problems, and gastrointestinal disorder is one common renal failure complication. Well then, what happens when kidney failure patients don’t have bowel movement?

No bowel movement is also known as constipation that can make sufferers quite discomfortable. In addition to discomfortable feelings, it may also trigger some more serious complications and problems the listed below.

- Hemorrhoids and anal fissure: Long-term constipation can lead to venous stagnation. As time goes on, it will cause anal fissure. When excretion scarifies anal tube, resulting in anal fissure.

- Liver damage: Faeces deposits in the intestinal tract for long time that can make toxins reabsorbed by liver. Then, liver needs to work harder to detoxify these toxins that leads to liver damage easily.

- Mental disorders: Tormented by now bowel movement, kidney failure patients are more likely to suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness and nausea. All of these problems can affect patients’ life quality.

- Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: It is reported that forcibly defecating can make blood pressure rise abruptly 30~50 mm Hg. Sudden increase of blood pressure can raise the burden on brain and heart, so the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease rises largely.

- Rectal cancer and colon cancer: When patients don’t have bowel movement, their digestive ability will decline. Therefore, dry faeces will accumulate in intestinal tract for long time. This is the main reason of rectal and colon cancer.

Additionally, no bowel movement can also cause breast cancer, Senile Dementia, infertility, bad taste in the mouth, and many other problems. Now, we can how important it is to manage kidney failure patients’ constipation timely. If you haven’t find effective treatments to improve your bowel movement, you can leave a message to Kidney experts here can give you some useful suggestions.

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