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Why Can Shortness of Breath Occur When You Have Kidney Failure

Why Can Shortness of Breath Occur When You Have Kidney FailureKidneys are vital organs for our overall health, so once kidneys fail to work, a variety of problems will appear. To be honest, shortness of breath isn’t as common as swelling, fatigue and urination changes for Kidney Failure patients, but it indeed occurs in some cases. Well then, why does shortness of breath occur when people have renal failure?

As we know, kidneys normally can filter out waste products and toxins, remove extra fluid and secrete EPO, so as to maintain the stable internal environment. However, when kidneys are damaged severely, they are unable to do these works correctly any more. Then, some conditions can induce patients’ shortness of breath.

The one is lung edema. When kidneys fail to produce urine, extra fluid accumulates in the body, leading to one condition called edema or swelling. Edema appears in patients’ hands, legs, feet, ankles and face easily. In severe cases, fluid may also build up in lungs that is more likely to cause shortness of breath.

The other is renal anemia. This condition is due to the impaired renal secretion function. EPO, secreted by kidneys, is one hormone that stimulates the body to make enough red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting enough blood and oxygen for cells all over the body. In Kidney Failure, fewer red blood cells are made because of lack of EPO. Then, kidney failure patients are easy to feel fatigue and have shortness of breath.

From the above analysis, we can know the root cause of shortness of breath is low kidney function. In other words, impaired kidneys affect patients’ respiratory system largely. If you have this problem, try to detect what causes your breath problem and then choose effective treatments to manage it. If you need any help, just consult the doctor online.

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