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Is There Any Way to Control Black Stool for Kidney Failure Patients

Is There Any Way to Control Black Stool for Kidney Failure PatientsBlack stool or bloody stool is one common problem for Kidney Failure patients, and this stool change can reveal some underlying disorders for kidney patients. If you have a similar problem, you can figure out the underlying cause and try to find some effective treatments to deal with it.

Why Is Kidney Failure patient’s stool is black?

Generally speaking, black stool can be attributed to three conditions.

1. Constipation: The stool color will tend to become black with kidney failure patients’ constipation. For kidney failure patients, limited fluid intake and restricted diet plan can induce constipation easily.

2. Gastrointestinal bleeding: Black stool is one typical sign of gastrointestinal bleeding. In this case, bloody stool is more likely to appear. Gastrointestinal bleeding is related to kidney failure easily.

3. Side effects of some medications: If the medicine contains bismuth, black stool is one side effect.

How to control black stool for Kidney Failure patients?

According to the causes, some treatment options are able to manage kidney patients’ black stool.

Firstly, modify the meal plan. Try to limit the intake of animal fat, and eat more fruit, vegetable and fish. This is because vegetable, fruit and fish can help increase the amount of probiotics that can help alleviate constipation.

Secondly, reduce or stop some of your medications. If your stool change is due to some drugs, you can tell your doctor to change some other medicines.

Thirdly, improve your kidney function. If your black stool is due to gastrointestinal bleeding, the root treatment is to improve your kidney condition and internal environment. In this case, Clear Blood Pollution Therapy is worth a try. Through removing waste products from the blood, adding essential ingredients into blood and rebuilding kidney structure, this therapy is one treatment plan to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.

As long as the underlying cause is managed successfully, patients don’t need to worry their black stool any more.

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