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Does Proteinuria Lead to Renal Failure

Does Proteinuria Lead to Renal FailureProteinuria is one typical symptom of chronic kidney disease, and its formation has a close link with glomerular barrier function. As introduced by nephrologists, proteinuria is one factor that can accelerate the progress of kidney disease developing into Renal Failure, even though it may be unable to cause kidney failure directly.

Protein leakage and kidney filters

Glomeruli are kidney filters that can eliminate waste products and keep helpful nutritions including protein in the blood. This glomerular filtration function is contributed to its perfect structure. Glomeruli have three layer structure: endothelial cells, basement membrane and epithelial cells. Within these cells, there are various sizes of filtration pores and negative charge. Because of mechanism barrier and charge barrier, kidneys can prevent protein from leaking into urine.

However, once one type of glomerular cells is damaged, protein may go through kidney filters and presents foamy urine. What’s worse, protein leakage can cause further damage to filtration pores, resulting in aggravation of kidney disease. Therefore, patients will fall into a vicious cycle.

Proteinuria and Renal Failure

From the above analysis, we can know proteinuria is indeed one factor that affects the onset of Kidney Failure, but it isn’t the main cause. In view of this, kidney patients had better control their proteinuria timely, once they are diagnosed with this problem.

Some medications such as ACEI, ARB and steroids are proven to be effective on alleviating proteinuria. However, they fail to treat proteinuria from the root. In other words, they are unable to fix impaired glomerular filtration structure. Thereby, more systemic treatments should be taken.

Clear Blood Pollution Therapy may worth a try, because it can not only help normalize blood circulation but also prompt the restoration of impaired kidneys. When kidney filters can play their barrier function normally, proteinuria will have no chance to damage kidneys any more. (Leave a message to, so we can send more information about this therapy for you.)

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