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Why Kidney Failure Patients Feel Drowsy

Why Kidney Failure Patients Feel DrowsyWhy Kidney Failure patients feel drowsy? A lot of renal failure patients complain of weakness and drowsiness that must make them fail to concentrate on anything. Only if these patients find out the underlying causes correctly, can they have chance to get right treatment plans.

Kidney Failure usually occurs along with deposits of too many waste products and toxins in the blood. Then, they can cause a series of problems through attacking various organs and systems. The reasons why kidney failure patients feel drowsy include several conditions. They are:

1. Renal anemia: As kidneys are unable to produce EPO normally, the body fails to make enough red blood cells. This is the main reason for renal anemia. Additionally, accumulation of toxins and waste products is another cause.

2. Sleep disorder: Because of sleep apnea, inadequate dialysis clearance, changes in the sleep pattern, muscle cramps, and some other factors, kidney failure patients can’t fall into sleep or keep sleeping at night. Lack of sleep is more likely to make them feel drowsy in daylight.

3. Builds up of waste products and toxins: This is another cause of the problem above mentioned.

After all, severe kidney damage is the root cause of Kidney Failure patients’ drowsiness. Therefore, to manage kidney patients’ drowsiness, improving kidney function level is very important besides dealing with the direct causes. Here, we give out the following methods.

- If you have renal anemia, eat more foods rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. With severe anemia, you may even need to inject EPO.

- Cleanse waste products and toxins from the body. Dialysis, Plasma Exchange, Immune adsorption, CRRT, hemofiltration, etc, are all helpful and suitable for different patients.

- Take some useful treatments to improve your kidney condition. At present, we have achieved the goal to improve kidney function level and GFR level effectively. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Clear Blood Pollution Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, etc are common treatment options.

Here, you have had a general overview of the reasons and managements for Kidney Failure patients’ drowsiness. If you still have anything unclear, welcome to consult the doctor online or send email to

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