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Causes and Treatments of Joint Pain in Kidney Failure

Causes and Treatments of Joint Pain in Kidney FailureFor kidney failure patients, some of them may be plagued by joint pain. As it will bring patients with much inconvenience, it is necessary to take effective treatments as early as possible.

Before introducing the methods, it is essential for us to learn about the causes. And the contributing factors can be concluded as follows:

Low calcium level

In this advanced stage of kidney disease, the kidneys can’t maintain the balance of water and electrolytes. In this case, the risk of high phosphorus level and low calcium level are more likely to occur. And low content of calcium can lead to bone disorders including joint pain.

High uric acid level

Uric acid is a by-product of purine, which can be found in internal organs, meats and so on. When kidneys fail to discharge uric acid through urine, these substances will build up in various parts of the body. When the joints are involved, joint pain will occur accordingly.

How to treat joint pain in kidney failure?

1. Supplement of calcium Patients can eat some foods high in calcium, for example, milk and broccoli. When vitamin D is added to the diet, the absorption of calcium will be increased. In addition, sufferers also need to eat less high phosphorus foods. If you are not clear about the food lists, please email us now!

2. Reduce the intake of purine To alleviate joint pain, a simple way is to reduce the consumption of purine. Additionally, it is also necessary to eat some alkaline foods, such as, raw fruit, vegetable and vegetable juices. In this way, the uric acid level will be minimized.

3. Increase kidney function Actually speaking, the underlying cause of joint pain is kidney damage. So, timely treatments should be taken to delay it’s progression and improve kidney function. Here, the combination of Blood Purification technique and Hot Compress Therapy can be such a reliable choice.

Join pain in kidney failure should be treated early, otherwise, the condition will continue to deteriorate. Any questions, remember that our Online Doctor is here to help! Wish you a good day!

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