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Is Clear Urine A Sign Of Kidney Failure

Is Clear Urine A Sign Of Kidney FailureFor patients with kidney failure, they can have many changes in their urine, like frequent urination at night, abnormal urine color, foams in urine, etc. While some patients with kidney failure may find they have clear urine, is this a sign of their kidney failure?

Can kidney failure cause patient to have clear urine?

As we know, kidney is in charge of producing urine, by which it can help keep our internal balance, like the balance of fluid, electrolytes, nutrients in body, etc. While when patient has kidney failure, there will be lots of changes in their urine, and clear urine may also be a sign of his kidney failure.

In normal condition, our urine color should be slight yellow, because there are lots of metabolic wastes excreted out through our urine. For patient with kidney failure, When the damaged part mainly appears in glomeruli, the substances that need to be filtrated by them will stay in patient’s blood, and that may lead patient to have clear urine. Besides, if patient’s kidney damage mainly appears in kidney tubules, that may cause kidney losing the function of concentration, so a lot of fluid that should be reabsorbed back to blood vessel will flow out through urine, and that will also make urine color to be clear.

Thereby, if patient has clear urine, that may be a sign of kidney failure.

Can other factors cause patient to have clear urine?

In fact, except for kidney failure, clear urine can also be caused by other factors.

For healthy people, when they drink lots of water, the excess fluid in their body will be excreted out as urine, which will cause them to have clear urine, and this situation can also appear in patient with kidney disease.

Besides, patient with kidney disease will need to take lots of medicines, and for patient who has edema, he will need to take diuretics, which will increase his urine amount, and that will also lead to clear urine.

Thereby, if patient with kidney disease find he has clear urine, he should make sure its cause, and then decide what measures he should take.

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