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Extreme Fatigue After Dialysis

Patients accepting dialysis may have extreme fatigue after dialysis, while this is quite common in dialysis patients. To preferably cope with their condition, it is necessary for patients to have a better understanding about this aspect.

In fact, there are several reasons that can be related with this symptom.


Patients with dialysis are usually in the end stage of kidney failure. As we know, kidney can excrete erythropoietin, which is important for the excretion of red cell, so patients with damaged kidney often have anemia, which can make them feel fatigue. While in the process of dialysis, patients’ blood will be transported out of their body, which is harmful for kidney, and may cause the loss of red cells, so that may aggravate patients’ anemia.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is also a common symptom in dialysis patients, which can cause by many factors. While this symptom can cause patients to have hard to breath, and reduce blood’s transportation ability, which can cause patients to have the shortage of oxygen. Our body needs oxygen to complete its metabolism to produce energy, so its shortage will cause patients to feel fatigue.

The shortage of potassium

Patients in dialysis can lose large amount of potassium, which can cause the shortage of potassium in patients’ blood. While this may be a major reason of patients’ fatigue, because the common result of potassium shortage in blood is myasthenia and flaccid paralysis.

Potassium plays a key role in regulating nerve function, and its shortage can cause muscle excitability reducing, which can cause flaccid paralysis, while the acute potassium shortage is more severer than the chronic.

Thereby, these are the common reasons of dialysis patients’ extreme fatigue, while dialysis can take many side effects to patients, and patients may also have their own cause of this symptom. While if you need any help, or if you have any doubt about this aspect, you can also contact, and we can help based on your own condition.

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