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Frequent Urine At Night And Renal Failure


Frequent Urine At Night And Renal Failure

Kidney failure means patients have damage in their kidneys. In this time, patients will have many symptoms around their body, among which frequent urine often appears. Patients should have a better understanding about this aspect, and that is helpful for patients to well control their condition.

Why kidney failure patients have frequent urine?

kidney is mainly consisted by kidney tubules and glomeruli. When patients have kidney failure, their kidney structure will be damaged. Thereby, the functions of glomeruli and kidney tubule will also be damaged to some degree.

When the damage in kidney tubule is very severe, it can not complete its work well. Kidney tubule has the function of reabsorbing the fluid and nutrients which leak out from glomeruli, and almost 99% water which leaks out through glomeruli will be reabsorbed back to blood. Thereby, when the function of kidney tubules is damaged severely, large amount of fluid will leak out by urine.

In fact, patients need to have many activities in their daytime, and that will need the supply of body’s metabolism, which will need plenty of fluid to complete. Besides, in daytime, much fluid will also be excreted out by sweat. While patients need rest at night, and the fluid excreted by these ways will be much less. Thereby, the large amount of water in patients’ bladder will be excreted through urine, so patients will have frequent urine at night.

What should patients do to relieve this symptom?

The root of this symptom is the damage in patients’ kidneys, thereby, to improve their condition, patients should accept treatment positively.

On one hand, patients should change their life habits and diet, because these aspects have significant influence on patients’ kidney function. Patients should change their bad life habits wich can harm their health, and form habits which are helpful to improve their condition. Besides, patients should consult their doctor’s advices on what kind of diet is beneficial for them.

In the treatment, it is hard to repair the necrotic kidney cells, but the damaged kidney cells are able to be repaired, which will improve patients’ condition greatly, and traditional chinese medicine is good at this aspect.

In the end, patients should take measures according to their own conditions, because different patients will have different symptoms.

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