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Kidney Failure Patients With Ammonia Taste In Mouth

Kidney Failure Patients With Ammonia Taste In Mouth

Patients with kidney failure will have many damages in their body, thereby, many symptoms will appear in them. Some patients with severe kidney failure may have ammonia taste in their mouth, and it is also known as urine taste, which may make patients feel ashamed to approach others. So it is necessary for patients to have a better understanding about this symptom.

Why patients have ammonia in their mouth?

Kidney has strong compensation, and kidney failure will not cause any symptom until more than half kidney function has been damaged. Thereby, this symptom is not easy to be seen in patients who is in the early stage of kidney failure.

While to patients with severe kidney failure, their kidneys are severely damaged, so there are lots of wastes and harmful substances accumulating in their blood, among which urea is a major harmful waste to our health. If the level of urea in our blood is high, the bacteria in gastrointestinal tract will decompose it and produce ammonia. Ammonia can stimulate the mucous membrane of patients’ gastrointestinal tract, and patients may feel lousy and vomit. Besides, the ammonia may get out from patients’ mouth, and that is why patients have this taste in their mouth.

How to treat this symptom?

Patients who have ammonia in their mouth may already be in the late stage of kidney failure. So it is impossible to stop the progression of their kidney damage, but it is absolutely possible to slow down its progression and improve patients’ condition. Thereby, patients in this stage should accept treatments positively.

In the therapy, patients’ kidney disease should be controlled. It is important for patients to preserve their kidneys’ healthy part, and improve the injured part’s condition. Besides, if patients kidney disease is caused by other diseases, it is necessary for patients to solve the root problem. Besides, patients may need dialysis if their GFR is below 15ml/min. What’s more, patients should prevent infection in their life, because this can aggravate their disease.

In their life, patients should pay attention to their diet and life habits. Diet can influence patients’ condition obviously, thereby, patients should have a diet which is beneficial to kidney disease patients. Such as low sodium intake, appropriate protein intake, enough vitamins intake, and many other rules that patients with kidney failure should care. In their life, patients should make them have right life habits, such as having regular rest, having appropriate exercise everyday, do not smoke and do not drink drink alcohol, and so on. Besides, keeping a good emotion is important for patients to improve their condition.

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