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Why Kidney Failure Patients Have Frequent Urination At Night

Why Kidney Failure Patients Have Frequent Urination At Night

Many patients in the late stage of kidney failure will have frequent urination at night. This condition makes it difficult for patients to have good rest, which can also aggravate patients’ condition severely. many people may have this curiosity: why patients with kidney failure have frequent urination at night?

As we know, kidney has the function of filtration and reabsorption. To patients with kidney failure, their kidneys are damaged, so they can not finish these works normally.

In the process of reabsorption, the excess fluid that leaks into kidney tubules will be reabsorbed back to blood. The water that is reabsorbed by kidney tubules accounts for more than 99% among the amount of fluid that leaks into kidney tubules. As we know, the kidney structure has been damaged seriously to patients in late stage of kidney failure. Then most of the fluid that is leaked can not be reabsorbed back, so patients will have large amount of urine.

In the daytime, people will have lots of activities, so the body cells need large amount of water to metabolize, and there are much fluid will be excreted out by sweating. So patients will have less amount of urine. In the night, there is less activity, and people also do not have much perspiration, so most of the fluid in patients’ body will be excreted out by urination. Besides, because the kidney function has been damaged severely, patients’ kidneys can not excrete the wastes out in the daytime, so they have to work on in the night, and this can also aggravate this symptom.

There are some other reasons can cause frequent urination at night. For example, if the urethra is infected, or there is stone in it, patients will also have frequent urination. Besides, people may have this symptom when there is inflammation in the bladder.

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