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Foamy Urine And Kidney Failure

foamy urine and kidney failure

Patient with kidney failure often has foamy urine. In the urine of kidney failure patient, there is a layer of thin foam on its surface, which will not disappear in a long time.

What are the causes of foamy urine?

Kidney has the function of filtration and reabsorption. Most protein will be kept in the body by glomerular filtration, and the kidney tubules can reabsorb the leaked protein, so there is little protein in the urine. However, to patient with kidney failure, his kidneys have been damaged severely, so are the functions of filtration and reabsorption. As a result, a lot of protein will leak to the urine, which will form a tensile force on urine surface, and that is the reason why there are foams on the urine surface.

However, not all cases of foamy urine are caused by kidney damage, because people who have urinary tract infection and prostate disease will also have foamy urine. In addition, people with diabetes will have obvious foams in their urine, but that will disappear after a short time, because that is glycosuria. Foamy urine caused by kidney failure will not disappear in a long time.

What can patient do with foamy urine?

To kidney failure patient, foam in the urine is a presentation of their kidney damage. On the other hand, the leakage of protein can also aggravate patient’s condition, so patient must care what they can do to improve this condition.

The most effective method is to reduce the intake of protein. Reducing the amount of protein intake not only can reduce foamy urine, but also will help patient protect his kidney function. Besides, patient with kidney failure need to follow the treatment strictly, and to patient with severe condition, dialysis and kidney transplant may be needed. In addition, patient may need to change his lifestyle according to the doctor’s advice.

Foamy urine is a common symptom to patient with kidney failure. Besides the treatment, patient should keep a good emotion, which is very useful to the health.

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