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Coffee and Kidney Failure

 Coffee,Kidney FailureFoods can break up and produce many waste products in body and the waste should be removed by kidneys. When you are diagnosed with kidney failure, you are suggested to care more for your diet choice. Can you drink coffee with kidney failure?


Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs which locate in lower back right below the bottom bone of your rib cage. Kidneys work to filter the blood and remove the waste products and extra fluids out in your urine.

In normal condition, kidneys filter about 50 gallons of blood per day and remove nearly 50% gallon of water and toxins from your bloodstream. When your kidneys are failed, the toxins and excessive water will build up in the blood and causing the higher risk to develop heart attack, stoke and even death.

Coffee Effects on Kidney Failure

Coffee is one of the most common drink throughout the world. Coffee contains rich caffeine, which can increase blood pressure and cholesterol, aggravate arteriosclerosis. This will increase the risk to develop the complications of Kidney Failure, such heart attack and stroke etc.

In addition, too much intake of coffee will cause quick increase of cortisol and epinephrine which will worsen kidney failure. What is more, coffee will cause sleep disorder and this will further lower the immunity.

Also, intake of caffeine will contribute to kidney stones--another complication of kidney failure. Caffeine contain amount of oxalate. It was also thought that the use of caffeinated beverages would lead to a relative degree of dehydration and increased kidney stone production.

It has now been shown that the amount of oxalate in coffee is actually relatively low and that caffeine affects a particular hormone in the kidney (antidiuretic hormone) in such a way that it leads to production of a more dilute urine thereby decreasing the risk of kidney stone formation.

Thereby, patients with kidney failure is not suggested to take coffee. For more information, please leave a message below.

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