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What Not to Eat If I Have Acute Kidney Failure

What Not to Eat If I Have Acute Kidney FailureAcute kidney failure is one condition in which kidneys fail to do their work suddenly. To manage patients’ kidney condition, patients should arrange a kidney-friendly diet plan. What not to eat with acute kidney failure?

All eating plans including a diet plan for patients with acute kidney failure should notice the intake of several substances such as:

* Protein

* Sodium

* Calories

* Calcium and iron

* Fat

* Potassium and phosphorus

In order to protect kidneys from further damage, patients should take avoid or at least the following foods.

The first one is food rich in low-quality protein

Acute Kidney Failure is usually accompanied with high urea level in the blood. In this condition, low-quality protein intake will produce more urea. Then, kidneys should work harder to eliminate extra urea from the body. Long-term overwork may make it impossible to reverse acute kidney failure. Compared with animal protein, plant protein usually provides less high-quality protein. Therefore, patients had better restrict their intake of low-quality tightly.

The second one is high-sodium food

Acute renal failure causes the quick and obvious decrease of urine output or even no urine output. High-sodium foods will worsen this symptom, fluid retention and high blood pressure, if patients have these problems. Fluid and sodium imbalance can induce many other problems, so patients should avoid high-sodium foods.

The third one is food rich in fat

Kidneys and blood have a close link. Acute kidney failure will cause blood disorders. At this time, fat-containing foods will induce high cholesterol or affect the normal blood flow. Without enough blood flow within kidneys, kidney condition may be aggravated easily.

The last one is food rich in potassium or phosphorus

When kidneys fail to work suddenly, extra potassium and phosphorus may collect in the body. To avoid healthy problems caused by high potassium or high phosphorus level, high-potassium or high-phosphorus foods should be limited before the reversal of acute kidney damage.

To get a food list that you should avoid in detail, you can contact us through our message board below.

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